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Helios Technologies, focus on R&D, Manufacture and Sale for total innovation solution of Cellular & Public Safety Wireless Radio Access & Coverage solutions, covering span 88 to 5890MHz which support GSM, UMTS, TETRA, P25, DMR, AM & FM, VHF & UHF, LTE and 5G NR technologies.

Our core product portfolio includes Multi-Band & Multi-Operator & Multi-Service Active & Hybrid & Passive DAS, 4G & 5G Multi-Band Fiber to the Antenna FTTA, Digital Off-Air Repeaters, 5G NR O-RAN (vBBU, HUB, pRRU, AAU and mRRU), 4G LTE eNB (BBU and RRU) combine SDR (Software Defined Radio) Technology based upon our Proprietary FPGA & DSP Algorithms, and offering turnkey solutions for indoor and outdoor 2G/3G/4G/5G to our global customers. Our services range includes consultation, network design, optimization and commissioning.


Our Solutions

We provide various advanced & innovation systems of Cellular & Public Safety Wireless Radio Access & Coverage inside some of the world's most challenging environments - such as cities & downtowns, inbuidling, airports & seaports, tunnels, metro & train, campus & stadium, rural & village and etc.