Quality Warranty

  1. Helios warrants that the products provided by Helios are free from defects in materials or workmanship under normal use during the Warranty Period

  2. The Warranty Period is 24 months after sales

  3. Helios products and spare parts are manufactured using new materials or equivalent to new in performance and reliability

  4. During the warranty period, Helios will provide free-of-charge repairing or replacing service to any defective component except that is caused by improper use or force majeure

  5. During the warranty period, Helios will give 7x24 technical supports without charge

  6. The repair, replacement and technical support after the warranty period will be charged by the price confirmed by bother parties

RMA: Return Material Authorization

For faulty or detective products return, please kindly follow the following flow chart to apply RMA service or ask Helios’s local distributors or  partners for support:

Please email to to obtain the RMA form and number