SingleTouch X2 Smart L2 Wireless Relay



  • Embedded HELIOS proprietary 2G/3G/4G Baseband Processor

  • Auto select frequency based on UARFCN & PLMN code

  • Ability to Lock the designated PCI/PSC of the Service Cell to eliminate signals from Neighbor Cells. This is the ideal solution against “Pilot Pollution” in a 3G/4G Network.

  • High-speed RS-AGC function stabilizes the coverage area and prevents fluctuating output power from the Relay. This eliminates the Respiratory-Effect.

  • Accurate reverse link power control, based on the signaling message from the eNB. This eliminates an undesired rise in network noise level.

  • Embedded Signal QoS Analyzer (Before/After Relay)

  • Intelligent web-based Network Management System which displays the accessed Sector of the Relay and the quantity of Relays deployed in the designated Cell Sector, etc.

  • Wireless backhaul for easy, fast, flexible and accurate deployment.

  • Peaceful coexistence with the LTE macro network without any change to the Core Network.

  • More effective in reducing Network CapEx and OpEx. 

  • Compliant with all applicable Regulatory Standards (e.g., FCC, ETSI etc.)