Digital Single Band TD-LTE Home Repeater

TDD-LTE, also known as TD-LTE, was adopted as the evolution of choice for TD-SCDMA, China's 3G standard. Compare with LTE FDD, LTE TDD uses a different approach, a single frequency sharing the channel between transmission and reception, spacing them apart by multiplexing the two signals on a real time basis. While FDD transmissions require a guard band between transmission and reception, TDD schemes require a guard time or guard interval between transmission and reception.

For TD-LTE operators, they must optimize their network and offer best service to users to improve their competitive ability. However, and 4G signals attenuate severely when traveling through walls, floors, and windows, leaving more than 50% of all indoor spaces with inadequate coverage and poor data throughput. Then the operators need a cost-effective solution to resolve such coverage problems easily and rapidly.

Repeaters, Boosters and Amplifiers for mobile network are to relay RF signals for both uplink and downlink, they are effective tools to enhance mobile network coverage for telecom operator, but there is one of the key technologies for the Repeaters, Boosters and Amplifiers with TDD mode must be first resolved, which is Frame Synchronization. Without accurate & reliable TDD Frame Synchronization with BTS, the Repeaters will be unable to normally switch between the different time-slots for uplink and downlink and working in harmony with macro network, even will cause big air-interference to macro network.

With ultra-low-noise RF frontend, innovative digital filter, high SFDR (Spurious Free Dynamic Range) ADC, patented TD-LTE frame synchronization algorithms in SDR, TDD-Mate enables accurate, speedy and reliable frame synchronization with TD-LTE BTS and working in harmony with macro network. It receives TDD signal from BTS and down-converts to IF signals firstly, then digitalizes signal via high speed ADC and implements baseband demodulation on DSP and Identifies PSS in DwPTS and SSS in TS0 according to TD-LTE frame structure and acquire the accurate switch point between UpPTS and DwPTS.

Helios TDD-Mate series TD-LTE Pico Repeater is designed for small/medium business and home users looking to enhance TD-LTE indoor wireless connectivity. It will be connected via coaxial cable to an outside Donor Antenna. Donor Antenna is placed outside the building where it has easy access to TD-LTE BTS signal, and the embedded Services Antenna is facing towards to the TD-LTE blind area.


Key Feature

  • Supports single band operating among TD-LTE1800MHz, 1900MHz, 2100MHz, 2300MHz and 2600MHz.

  • Built-in Patented TDD-Mate™ frame synchronization algorithm for TDD system to ensure accurate synchronization and eliminate interfere to macro network.

  • High working gain as Min. 70dB significantly improves 4G TD-LTE network capacity for operators.

  • RF output power +20dBm for small coverage area.

  • Build-in Intelligent Carrier Scan Function (CSF) and auto local cell with best QoS and RSSI by PSS &SSS, likewise support manually lock expected carrier by software.

  • Flexible TDD UL/DL Allocations configurable by software (0 to 6), default UL/DL Ratio is 1.

  • Configurable field length of DwPTS/GP/UpPTS by software (0 to 8).

  • Both support Normal CP (Cyclic Prefix) and Extended CP.

  • Innovative Digital Filtering and advanced baseband algorithms in SDR to provide accurate AGC, MGC and Power Control for each time slot with minimum time delay.

  • Significantly improve data rates in both weak signal areas and most area with good signal areas.

  • Lower cost of indoor coverage and rapidly increases capacity of TD-LTE wireless networks.

  • Significantly improve Battery Life of subscribers' handset and UE.

  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) continuously monitors path loss and transmit power to deliver max gain.


To expand TD-LTE signal coverage of fill signal blind area where signal is weak or unavailable.

  • Indoor: Hotels, Exhibition Centers, Basements, Shopping Malls, Offices, Apartments, Packing Lots, Metro, Tunnels and Elevators etc.

  • Frequency & Bands

    Single bands operating among TD-LTE1800MHz, 1900MHz, 2100MHz, 2300MHz and 2600MHz.

  • Filter Design

    1 Carrier (5MHz, 10MHz, 20MHz changeable by upgrade FPGA firmware)

  • TDD UL/DL Allocations

    0 to 6 configurable by software (Default setting is 1)

  • Cyclic Prefix

    Normal CP or Extend CP configurable by software

  • Field Length of DwPTS/GP/UpPTS

    0 to 8 configurable by software

  • Max Gain

    70dB (+/-1dB)

  • Ripple in Band

    +/- 1.5dB

  • Max RF Composite Power

    +17dBm, +20dBm

  • AGC Range

    Max 25dB

  • Noise Figure

    Max 8dB @ Max Gain

  • Time Delay

    Max 6 µs (depending on filter bandwidth and required adjacent channel rejection)

  • VSWR

    Max 1.8

  • Embedded Services Antenna

    Frequency: See Above,Gain: 5dBi,Polarization: Vertical,Beam Width: 90degrees

  • Local Monitor & Control

    Via Helios LMT Software + Micro USB port to monitor & Control Power on/off, RSSI, QoS, RF Power, Over Power, Oscillation Detection, Isolation Measurement, Gain, ATT, PSS, SSS, UL/DL Allocation, CP Setting, Special Sub-frame Setting, Locked Cell ID, Temperature, Power Supply, VSWR, Output Power and etc.

  • Connector

    1*SMA-Type Female, 2*Micro USB Port

  • Mounting Type

    Both for Desk-top and Wall Mount

  • Power Supply


  • Complies with

    ETSI EN 301 908-1, ETSI 301 908-15, ETSI EN 301 489 -1 ETSI EN 301 489 –50, ETSI TS 125 106, ETSI TS 136 106