cell phone signal booster, mobile repeater, signal booster manufacturer

Helio Technologies is a leading technology innovating company in China specialized in designing, manufacturing and sales for Wireless Network Coverage & Wireline transmission Solutions. 

Our products cover 3G/4G Baseband Chipset, 4G LTE-A Wireless L2 Relay, 3G/4G Smart Digital RF Repeater, Digital Public Coverage Repeater Series, Digital Frequency Shift Repeater, Digital Fiber DAS system, IMSI Catcher Wireless, Digital Signal Jammer, Image Transmission System, and to relative software and accessories.

Key Products:

1. 4G LTE-A L2 Wireless Relay (Band3, 7, 13, 20, 38, 40, 41)

2. Multi-band Digital ICS RF Repeater (GSM, CDMA, DCS, WCDMA, AWS and LTE FDD)

3. TD-LTE Digital ICS Pico Repeater (Band3, 7, 38, 40)

4. TD-LTE Digital ICS RF Repeater (Band3, 7, 38, 40)

5. Multi-band Fiber DAS system (GSM, CDMA, DCS, WCDMA, AWS and LTE FDD)

6. Wireless Image Transmission System